4 Common Website Design Trends

We constantly strive to look good and we really want to make a good first impression. It is the same with website design. Whether you run a traditional business like this environmental drilling company or this dementia care facilities chicago center, or have an online business like these turf suppliers or this waterfall taps retailer do, your website is the first thing that many people notice in your business. Regardless of whether you like this fact or not, people will judge your company based on what your website looks like.

So, what are the most common website design trends these days? First of all, it is using only one font throughout your website. A long time ago, or maybe not so long, web designers liked to use 3-4 different fonts. Currently, designers prefer to work with only one, but in different ways, thereby maintaining a sense of uniformity. To avoid monotony, designers change the interval and saturation of the font.

The second trend of modern website design is the minimalism of unique illustrations. Say goodbye to stock photos. Now, brands create their own illustrations to express their individuality and remain interesting to customers. And remember the saying “Less is more”? The same applies to graphic illustrations.

Greg Lorim runs the website for this office furniture manchester store and this commercial paving company and says “In general, the simpler the design, the better. It is important that the graphics convey the message of the brand, without distracting from the main point.”

Now, let’s talk about video and animations. Storytelling is a cool feature of modern marketing. Is there any better way to tell your story than animation? Many brands now use some form of animation on their home pages. This is an incredibly powerful tool for creating a presence effect! Graeme W. is an seo manchester and web design expert and owner of this website where you can buy scented candles shop notes “Some companies play with very simple and subtle animation, while others even overdo it. And don’t forget about cinemagraphs – the coolest tendency in website design this year!”

And the last but not the least is color contrast and color transitions. Finding a perfect color combination is one of the most important website design trends. It is a very effective way to draw attention to certain elements on a web page. If you are not sure what color combination will look good on your site use the Google palette and pick what you like.